Work with the best

Baemayr Realty Group is currently looking for experienced, driven agents to join our growing team. We are proud to provide the best technology and support currently available. We are incredibly selective and prefer to keep our firm small, favoring quality over quantity.

If you are interested in learning more and think you'd be a good fit, please reach out to us for a confidential meeting.


We provide all of our agents an enetprise-level FollowUpBoss account, with a personal cell line that they can use for client communication

All leads via (Powered by Luxury Presence IDX) are filtered through our custom-built API and provided to our agents. This API includes live monitoring of your clients' MLS searches, custom-built parameters, email drip campaigns, and client database management; all through one portal.

All agents will have a platform level Dotloop account for all transactions and documents. This account is whitelabled to our company and the agent, so when you send out contracts to clients, it is branded to YOU.

BAEMAYR.COM is our bespoke IDX search, designed from the backend to integrate seamlessly into your FollowUpBoss account. This allows you to send your client listings, monitor their searches and favorited properties, and even know when they're online and when they're not. All from one dashboard. This dashboard also enables you to create email drip campaigns, follow up on leads sent to you, and overall client database management. This streamlines communication, making you a more effective realtor.


We constantly run online advertisements through several SEO partners that take an active role in managing our online presence. Baemayr Realty Group is also one of the only verified Google partner brokerages in Austin, meaning we appear at the top of the majority of searches for real estate sales in Austin.

All leads generated are channeled to our company Follow Up Boss account to be automatically distributed to our agents. Our company account monitors all leads, response times, how often and how quickly a lead is contacted. This helps ensure client and lead retention, as well as helps us better distribute leads to agents who have a steady track record of closing sent leads.

We are proud to have a non-competing broker, meaning all leads are distrubuted to our agents.


Our marketing department run by BMG (Baemayr Marketing Group), will manage an ad budget for you, including designing and targeting ads. Most 3rd party companies will charge 20%-30% of ad spend for this. We pay BMG overhead costs for our agents, so it's free.

Our campaigns can be targeted for lead generation, traffic to your listing, or just getting your name out there. All targeted ads for an agent can be configured to go direclty to the agent's FollowUpBoss account, bypassing our company system and going to you.

This ensures leads generated from ads that are meant for your personal targeting are directed to you.


Our branding is closely regulated to ensure consistency across all advertising platforms. Down to the smallest details, we ensure that our image and brand is recognizable anywhere.

This helps with brand prestige, and recognition anywhere you go.


We monitor various advertising campaigns, ensuring every dollar spent results in the best possible return in leads and brand awareness.

With this ability, we can also view live website traffic to both our IDX search, as well as our main website. This allows us to ensure our agents are provided with real-time data that can aid them in their prospecting; in addition, it also helps us target future advertising campaigns to reach the largest potential audience.


Our back-end systems integrate seamlessly together to ensure your transaction documents are organized, that you close on time, and your pay is accurate and timely.

Commissions are automatically tracked, forms are automatically filled, 1099's are automatically mailed out at the beginning of every year, and our in-house team works 24/7 to ensure the brokerage runs smoothly.

Everyone is in constant communication via Workplaces, so a colleague is never out of reach for a chat, or quick question.



We are constantly on the hunt for top-tier talent. If you are interested in joining, please apply below. All applications are confidential, and should we decided that we would be interested in working with you, we will reach out.